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    My glass arrived broken?

    Please send us a picture of the unused glass piece along with your order number to our customer service email highthere@dabadovaporizers.com.

    My Bolt M reads “no atomizer” on my Battery?

    Please fill out a service request ticket which can be found on our website and a technician will get back to you within 48 hours on how we can further assist you.

    What is the best heat setting for the Bolt M?

    It all depends on the wattage you run, how many times its been heated, and the length of each heat cycle. Temperatures can reach 900 degrees at 30 watts when heated 3 times for 10 seconds each time. 50 watts with two 7 second cycles will reach 900 degrees sooner, but all depending on the amount of time each cycle is run. Once the unit is heated once or twice it will take less time and less power to heat.  Play around with it until you find the perfect dab for you.

    My nails came broken?

    If you can send us a picture of the unused damaged nails along with your order number, we would be able to further assist you.

    My nail has broken off inside the ceramic top leaving the threads stuck inside?

    The best way to remove the threads is to use a small pair of tweezers or a small flat head screw driver. Any tool you can grip the inside of the threads with and GENTLY screw them out counter clock wise. If you cannot get them out we can have you send your Bolt in to have a technician remove them.

    How do I properly remove my glass attachment?

    When cold please warm the device in order to loosen the resin bond between the ceramic and the glass.

    When warm, slowly and gently wiggle the glass piece back and forth while pulling up, making sure the ceramic isn’t moving with it.